DSC Maxsys

DSC Maxsys


Managing a business takes a lot of work, passion and commitment.

That's why it's important that the same effort be made when choosing a security system. After all, properly protecting the people and other valuable assets that comprise a successful business are not something you want to jeopardize.

There was a time when building security consisted of little more than burglar alarms, motion detectors and a few smoke detectors. Clearly times have changed and the need for a premium security system is real.

In keeping with new times and new technologies, DSC has defined the meaning of security, as is evident with MAXSYS. The security system allows a host of value-added and life-safety features to be integrated to provide peace of mind for years to come. Security concerns, whether they are intrusion, fire, alarm communications, access control, automation, ireless/addressable expansion or structured cabling, can be tailored to meet specific needs. MAXSYS is truly a single-system solution that is ideal for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities, as well as large or multi-level residential units.

  • Fully integrated security solutions
  • High-end, premium quality security


DLS2002SA System Administrator software is the perfect solution for large or multi-location business applications using the MAXSYS control panel. The software is simple to use and gives users the ability to view and change codes, access cards and schedules, as well as view system status, arm/disarm partitions, and view, sort and print the event buffer. The software can be found in the Products area of the DSC website under the password-protected software section.


ConcourseEXP is the best value in residential structured cabling. It provides new home builders and home-system integrators with the convenience of a single, comprehensive family of cable management products that are easy to use in applications of all sizes and complexity. ConcourseEXP enclosures and low-voltage modules have been designed to provide seamless integration with MAXSYS control panels and modules.


Imagine a security system that controls home lighting automatically. With MAXSYS control panels lights can be programmed to automatically turn on and off according to a daily, weekend or monthly schedule. These tasks can be controlled by turning any touchtone phone into a fully functional keypad that can be used to monitor and control a security system from home or from anywhere in the world.